In App Messaging

Using In-app Messages

Introduction In-app messages are a versatile communication tool within CoachIQ, designed to facilitate direct and immediate contact with your clients. This guide explains the functionality of in-app messages and provides a step-by-step process for sending them.

Understanding In-app Messages In-app messages are designed to reach clients who are actively engaged with your services through the CoachIQ app or athlete portal.

  • Profile Requirement: To receive in-app messages, clients must have either a registered profile on the athlete portal or the CoachIQ app installed on their mobile device.

  • Delivery Channel: These messages are sent directly to the client's messaging channel within the app or portal. Unlike announcements, which are broadcasted to all, in-app messages target individual clients or selected groups.

How to Send In-app Messages

  1. Navigate to Inbox

    • Open your CoachIQ dashboard and go to the Inbox section.

  2. Create a New Message

    • Click on "Create new" and select "In-app message" from the options.

  3. Compose Your Message

    • Enter the recipient’s name in the address field. For instance, type "Russell Reader" to select the specific client.

    • Compose your message in the message box. Example message:

      Are you coming to practice today? If so, please schedule here.
    • You can enhance your message by attaching forms, media, products, or sessions. This is particularly useful for prompting actions like booking a session.

  4. Send the Message

    • Once you have attached any necessary items and are satisfied with your message, click the send button. The message will be delivered to the client’s app, and they will also receive an email notification.

Key Features

  • Notifications: Clients receive notifications on their app, ensuring they do not miss any important communications.

  • Flexibility: You can send tailored messages to individual clients or groups, making it a powerful tool for personalized communication.

Conclusion In-app messages in CoachIQ serve as an effective way to maintain continuous and engaging communication with your clients. They ensure that your messages are delivered instantly and can be customized to include actionable items, enhancing the interaction between coaches and athletes.

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