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How to Paywall an Individual Program in Your CoachIQ Portal


Paywalling individual programs in CoachIQ allows you to monetize your virtual coaching and video content effectively. This guide will walk you through the steps to secure your programs with a payment requirement, ensuring that only paying athletes can access premium content.

Step-by-Step Guide to Paywalling a Program

  1. Set Up Payment Options:

    • Navigate to the Payments section in your CoachIQ dashboard.

    • Ensure you have existing payment options set up. You can link these payments through your Stripe account integrated with CoachIQ.

    • If necessary, create a new payment option by selecting Create a New Payment.

  2. Access Your Programs:

    • Go to the Virtual tab and click on Programs.

    • Identify and select the program you wish to paywall, such as a "Mindset Certification" program.

  3. Configure Paywall Settings:

    • Open the specific program details.

    • Click on Share to access the sharing and paywall settings.

    • Toggle the Paywall Settings on to activate the paywall for this program.

  4. Link Payment to the Program:

    • Within the paywall settings, choose the product or payment option that will unlock the program for athletes.

    • This step links the selected payment to the program, requiring athletes to purchase before gaining access.

  5. Save and Update:

    • After setting the paywall and linking the appropriate payment, click Save to apply these changes.

    • Ensure that these settings are correctly implemented to secure your content effectively.

  6. Add Program to Athlete Portal:

    • To make the paywalled program available, add it to your athlete portal where athletes can view and purchase access.

    • Updating your athlete portal ensures that the new paywall settings are live and functional for your users.

Best Practices for Paywalling Programs

  • Clear Communication: Make sure athletes are aware of the paywall. Clearly state what content is behind the paywall and the benefits of purchasing access.

  • Value Proposition: Ensure the content behind the paywall offers significant value. Premium content should justify the cost and encourage purchases.

  • Monitor Engagement: Keep track of how your paywalled programs perform. Analyze user engagement and purchase rates to adjust your strategy and pricing if necessary.


By paywalling individual programs in CoachIQ, you can create an exclusive offering that adds value to your coaching services and generates revenue. This setup not only benefits your business model but also enhances the experience for dedicated athletes who are willing to invest in specialized training. Follow these steps to ensure your programs are protected and monetized effectively.

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