Athlete Notifications

Athlete Notifications


CoachIQ offers a robust notification system to keep athletes informed and engaged. This guide provides an overview of the different types of notifications athletes receive within CoachIQ, ensuring they stay updated on their training schedules, messages, purchases, and more.

Types of Notifications

Scheduling Notifications

Athletes receive notifications for various scheduling-related actions to ensure they are always aware of their training commitments.

Booking a Session

  • Notification: Athletes get notified when they book a training session.

Canceling a Booking

  • Notification: Athletes receive a notification if they cancel a booking.

Rescheduling a Booking

  • Notification: Athletes are notified if they reschedule a booking.

Joining an Organization or Athlete Portal

  • Notification: Athletes receive a welcome notification when they join your organization or sign up for your athlete portal for the first time.

Messaging Notifications

Athletes stay connected with their coaches and organization through messaging notifications.

Email Notifications

  • Notification: Athletes receive notifications when they receive a message via email.

Mobile App Push Notifications

  • Notification: If the athlete has the mobile app downloaded, they receive push notifications on their app.

Purchase Notifications

Athletes receive notifications regarding their purchases to keep track of their transactions and access their purchased products.

Purchase Confirmation

  • Notification: Athletes receive an email confirmation when they purchase a product.


The notification system in CoachIQ is designed to keep athletes well-informed and engaged with their training schedules, organizational updates, and purchases. By leveraging these notifications, athletes can stay on top of their commitments and maintain effective communication with their coaches and organization.

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