Recurring Bookings

Setting Up Recurring Bookings

Introduction Recurring bookings in CoachIQ streamline the scheduling process, allowing coaches to efficiently manage sessions over a period without the need to re-enter details for each session. This guide explains how to create these bookings for athletes.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Initiate Booking

  • Navigate to the “Sessions” section of your CoachIQ dashboard.

  • Click on "Create" and select "Manually book an athlete" to begin the booking process.

Step 2: Select Client and Session

  1. Client: Use the search bar under 'Client' to find and select the athlete for whom the booking is intended.

  2. Session: Choose the appropriate session type from the 'Select Session' dropdown menu.

Step 3: Set Date and Time

  • Start Date & Time: Select the initial date and time for the session. This will set the start point for all recurring instances.

  • Duration: Choose the duration of the session from the available options (15 mins, 30 mins, 45 mins, 60 mins) or specify a custom duration.

Step 4: Configure Recurring Settings

  1. Toggle Recurring: Activate the recurring option by switching the toggle to green.

  2. Interval: Decide the frequency of the booking—daily, weekly, or monthly.

  3. Repeat: If you select weekly, specify the days of the week the session will recur (e.g., every Wednesday).

  4. Ending: Decide if the recurrence is 'Ongoing' or if it should end on a specific date.

Step 5: Review and Create

  • Double-check all details for accuracy.

  • Click ‘Create’ to finalize the booking. The sessions will now be scheduled according to the specified recurring settings.

Additional Tips

  • Reviewing Occurrences: It’s advisable to review the scheduled sessions to ensure they align with your availability and do not conflict with holidays or special events.

  • Modifying Recurring Bookings: Should adjustments be needed, you can edit the recurring booking. Note that changes will apply to all future sessions unless otherwise specified.

Conclusion Recurring bookings are a valuable feature in CoachIQ, designed to save time and facilitate consistent training schedules. By following the outlined steps, coaches can ensure their athletes are well-prepared with a stable and manageable training regimen.

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