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Understanding Stripe on CoachIQ:

Welcome to the CoachIQ Help Center! As part of our commitment to providing private sports coaches with an all-in-one SaaS platform to run their entire business efficiently, we've integrated Stripe, a leading payment processing tool. This guide will explain how Stripe works within CoachIQ, focusing on the aspects most relevant to our coaches: the payment processing fees, payout dates, and the unique ability to pass these fees onto the customers.

How Stripe Works with CoachIQ

Stripe is seamlessly integrated into CoachIQ, offering a straightforward and secure way for coaches to accept payments for their services. Here's how it enhances your coaching business:

  1. Seamless Integration: Stripe's integration into CoachIQ allows you to manage bookings, subscriptions, and payments all in one place. This integration simplifies the financial aspects of running your coaching business, from initial booking to final payment.

  2. Secure Payment Processing: With Stripe, your transactions are secure, ensuring that your client's payment information and your business's financial data are always protected. Stripe complies with PCI DSS standards, offering top-notch security.

  3. Global Reach: Accept payments from clients worldwide with Stripe's support for various currencies and payment methods. This feature is particularly beneficial if you're looking to expand your coaching services internationally.

Key Features for Coaches

Payment Processing Fees: One of the most critical aspects for our coaches is the payment processing fee. Stripe typically charges a 2.9% fee plus a fixed fee per transaction. However, CoachIQ offers a unique advantage.

  • Passing Fees to Customers: CoachIQ enables you to pass the payment processing fees onto your customers. This means you can avoid these costs, ensuring your earnings remain unaffected. This optional feature can be adjusted based on your preference and business model.

Payout Dates: Understanding when you'll receive your earnings is crucial. With Stripe, payouts are transferred to your bank account on a rolling basis.

  • Payout Schedule: The standard payout schedule is 2 business days in the US, with variations depending on your country. This schedule means you'll have regular access to your funds, allowing for better financial planning and stability.

CoachIQ's Stripe Integration: Steps to Success

  1. Getting Started: If you're new to CoachIQ or Stripe, our platform makes setting up your payment processing straightforward. Follow our setup guide to connect your Stripe account with CoachIQ.

  2. Customizing Payment Options: Decide whether to absorb the payment processing fees or pass them onto your clients. CoachIQ provides the flexibility to choose what works best for your business.

  3. Managing Payments: Use the CoachIQ dashboard to track payments, view upcoming payouts, and manage refunds if necessary. Our integration ensures that you have full control over your financial transactions.

FAQs for Coaches Using Stripe with CoachIQ

1. How do I set up Stripe on CoachIQ? Setting up Stripe on CoachIQ is simple. Access your CoachIQ dashboard, navigate to the payments section, and follow the on-screen instructions to link your Stripe account.

2. Can I choose whether to pass the Stripe fee onto my clients? Yes, CoachIQ allows you to decide whether to absorb the fee or pass it onto your clients. This option can be configured in your payment settings.

3. How do I track my payouts from Stripe? Track your payouts directly from your CoachIQ dashboard. You'll see a detailed view of your transactions, including scheduled payouts.

4. What if I need to issue a refund? Refunds can be processed directly through CoachIQ, with the transaction being handled by Stripe. This process is straightforward and can be managed from your payments dashboard.

5. How do I contact support if I have questions about Stripe? For questions specifically about Stripe transactions, you can contact Stripe support. For integration and platform-related queries, CoachIQ support is here to assist you.


Stripe's integration with CoachIQ is designed to streamline your financial transactions, ensuring you can focus more on coaching and less on administrative tasks. By understanding how Stripe works within our platform and utilizing features like passing fees onto customers, you can optimize your coaching business's financial health. CoachIQ is here to support you every step of the way, from setting up your payment processing to managing your earnings effectively.

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