Manually Book Athletes

Creating a booking

To manually book athletes for sessions in a sports coaching app, follow this streamlined process. This method is particularly useful when you've pre-arranged a session through direct communication or for any specific reason that necessitates manual booking.

Manually Booking an Athlete

  1. Access the Booking Feature: Navigate to the section of the app where you can create sessions or bookings. Look for an option labeled 'Create' or similar.

  2. Select 'Manually Book Athlete': Within the booking options, choose 'Manually Book Athlete'. This option is designed for instances where automatic booking isn't suitable.

  3. Assign an Athlete to a Session:

    • Select Athlete: From the list of athletes, select the one you wish to book. For example, choose 'Russell' if that's the athlete you're booking.

    • Choose Session: Decide which specific session you want to assign the athlete to. This could involve selecting the type of session (e.g., one-on-one), its duration, and other relevant details.

  4. Create the Booking: After selecting the athlete and the session details, hit 'Create' to finalize the booking. This action will:

    • Send a notification to the athlete, informing them of the booking.

    • Add the booking to your calendar, ensuring you have a clear view of your scheduled sessions.

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