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Steps to Add Products to your Athlete Portal


Integrating products or payment options into your athlete portal is crucial for simplifying the purchasing process for your clients. This guide provides a step-by-step approach to adding and managing these elements within your CoachIQ athlete portal.

Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Products or Payments

  1. Prepare Your Payments or Products:

    • Begin by navigating to the Payments section to ensure all necessary products or payment options are set up.

    • Verify that you have multiple payments or products already created.

  2. Accessing Your Athlete Portal:

    • Return to the main dashboard and select Athlete Portal.

    • Click Edit to modify the portal's content.

  3. Adding Products:

    • Scroll to the Products section within the editor.

    • Here you can add new products by clicking Add Product.

    • Select the product you wish to add, such as "Summer Training Program," and confirm by clicking Add.

    • Ensure that the products you choose to add are relevant and beneficial to your athletes.

  4. Update and Review Changes:

    • Once products are added, click Update to save your changes.

    • Review your athlete portal by navigating to the Products section to see the newly added items, ensuring they are correctly displayed.

  5. Removing Products:

    • If necessary, products can be removed by selecting the product and clicking Delete.

    • Update the portal again to reflect these changes.

    • Verify that the removed products are no longer visible on the athlete portal.

Best Practices for Product Management

  • Clear Descriptions: Provide clear and detailed descriptions for each product to help athletes understand the benefits and features.

  • Regular Updates: Keep your product listings up to date to reflect current offerings and remove discontinued products.

  • Visuals and Pricing: Include high-quality images and clear pricing information to enhance the attractiveness and transparency of your offerings.


By following these steps, you can efficiently manage the integration of products and payment options into your athlete portal on CoachIQ. This functionality not only enhances the user experience but also streamlines the process of monetizing your coaching services. Regularly updating and reviewing your portal will ensure it remains a valuable and up-to-date resource for your clients.

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