Managing Subscriptions

Stripe provides a robust platform for managing subscriptions, allowing you to handle various aspects of your subscriptions directly from the Stripe Dashboard. Below is a guide on how to manage Stripe subscriptions, specifically focusing on pausing subscriptions and checking subscription status.

Accessing Subscriptions in the Dashboard

  1. Log in to your Stripe Dashboard: Start by signing into your Stripe account at

  2. Navigate to the Subscriptions Section: On the left-hand side of the dashboard, you'll find the "Subscriptions" option under the "Billing" section. Click on it to view your active subscriptions.

Pausing a Subscription

To provide flexibility, Stripe allows you to pause subscriptions instead of canceling them outright. This feature is particularly useful for seasonal businesses or to accommodate customer requests without losing them as subscribers.

  1. Find the Subscription: Within the "Subscriptions" section, locate the subscription you wish to pause. You can use the search functionality to find a subscription by customer name or subscription ID.

  2. Pause the Subscription: Click on the specific subscription to view its details. Look for the "Actions" menu or a similar option, then select "Pause Subscription" or a similarly labeled option. Note that the exact wording may vary based on Stripe's updates or your account settings.

  3. Configure the Pause Settings: You'll be prompted to select how long the subscription should be paused. You can choose a predefined period or specify a custom date range. Confirm your choices.

  4. Review and Pause: Review the pause details, then confirm your action. The subscription will now be paused for the specified period, after which it will automatically resume.

Checking if a Subscription is Active

To ensure your billing operations run smoothly, it's crucial to regularly check the status of your subscriptions. Here's how to check if a subscription is active:

  1. Access Subscription Details: As before, navigate to the "Subscriptions" section and find the subscription you're interested in. Click on it to open the subscription details.

  2. Review Subscription Status: Within the subscription details, look for the "Status" section. Here, you'll see the current status of the subscription. Active subscriptions are typically marked as "Active," but you might also see statuses like "Paused," "Canceled," or "Incomplete" depending on the situation.

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