Add Sessions

Adding a Session to the Athlete View in CoachIQ

  1. Access the Admin Profile:

    • Begin by logging into your CoachIQ administrator account.

  2. Navigate to the Member Portal:

    • On your dashboard, locate and click on the “Member” or “Mobile App” option. This action directs you to the member portal, which is the interface your athletes interact with.

  3. Understanding the Member Portal:

    • The member portal is what your athletes see as part of their interaction with your services. It contains elements such as sessions, programs, and products, each organized under relevant tabs.

  4. View Mobile App Sections:

    • Within the mobile app section, you will see various pages including "Programs", "Products", and "Sessions". These pages correspond to the options available for your athletes.

  5. Add a Session:

    • Click on the "Sessions" tab to view current sessions.

    • To add a new session, click the “Add Session” button.

    • Choose the desired session from the options provided and select “Add Selected” to finalize adding the session.

  6. Verify the Session Addition:

    • Once you've added the session, it should appear in the list under the "Sessions" tab. Confirm that the new session is listed and marked as "live and active" to ensure it is available for athlete booking.

  7. Check Athlete View:

    • Switch to the athlete view to ensure that the newly added session (e.g., shooting machine reservations) is visible and active under their "Sessions Availability" section.

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