Design your Portal

Steps to Customize the Design:

  1. Open the Dashboard and Mobile app:

    • Launch the member portal on your device.

  2. Navigate to Pages:

    • Tap on the "Pages" menu item within the app.

  3. Access Design Settings:

    • Under the Pages menu, find and select "Settings".

    • Tap on "Design" to open the design customization options.

  4. Customize Your Design:

    • Primary Button Color: Tap on the color picker to select a new color for the primary buttons on your athlete view.

    • Button Text Color: Choose a color for the text on the buttons to ensure it contrasts well with the button color.

    • Mode Selection: Switch between light mode and dark mode by selecting the preferred option. This will change the overall color scheme of the athlete view.

  5. Apply and Refresh:

    • After making your changes, ensure to refresh the app to see the updates.

    • Review the changes in the athlete view to confirm that everything appears as you have set it up.

Cropping Your Logo for Proper Fit

To ensure your logo looks its best on your website, it’s important to crop it properly before uploading. Here's how you can do it:

Step 1: Select the Right Image

Choose a high-resolution logo that is clear and visibly represents your brand. The logo should have minimal text and should be free from background clutter.

Step 2: Use the Right Tool

Use a graphic editing tool that allows cropping. If you don’t have a preferred tool, free options like Canva or Adobe Express can help you crop and prepare your logo perfectly.

  • Aspect Ratio: Our app works best with a logo in a square format (1:1 aspect ratio). If your logo is not square, crop it to a square shape.

  • Focus on the Logo: Ensure the main elements of the logo are centered and prominent. Avoid unnecessary whitespace around the edges that might affect how the logo appears on the site.

  • Resolution: After cropping, ensure the logo maintains a high resolution, ideally at least 300x300 pixels.

Step 4: Uploading to the App

Once your logo is ready:

  1. Navigate to Settings in the app.

  2. Click on Organization.

  3. Select Upload Logo to add your cropped logo file.

  4. Preview how it appears in the app. Adjust if necessary before finalizing your upload.

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