Creating a Product

Creating a Product

How to Create a Product, Subscription, or One-Time Payment in CoachIQ

Creating financial offerings such as products, subscriptions, or one-time payments in CoachIQ is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to set up your offerings and start monetizing your services.

Step 1: Navigate to Payments

First, access the Payments section under Services in your CoachIQ dashboard. This area is where you will manage all your pricing and payment configurations.

Step 2: Hit Create

Click on the Create button located at the top right of the screen. This will open a menu where you can choose between creating a one-time payment or a subscription.

Step 3: Select Payment Type

  • For a Subscription: In this guide, we'll proceed with setting up a subscription. Click on the subscription option to start creating your recurring payment model.

  • For a One-Time Payment: If you prefer a one-time payment, select that option and follow similar steps to define the product details.

Step 4: Define Subscription Details

Here’s how you can set up a subscription:

  • Title Your Subscription: Enter a name for your subscription, such as "Monthly Training."

  • Write a Description: Provide a detailed description of what the subscription includes. This will be visible to your customers and should accurately reflect what you are offering.

  • Add Features: List any additional features that come with the subscription to provide potential subscribers with more context about what they are purchasing.

Step 5: Set Pricing and Frequency

  • Set the Price: Decide on the pricing per month. For example, you might set it at $100 per month.

  • Choose the Billing Frequency: Typically, this would be set to charge once every month, but you can adjust this based on your business model.

Step 6: Additional Settings

  • Processing Fees: Decide whether to pass on the processing fees for credit card transactions to your customers or to absorb them yourself.

  • Access Codes: Optionally, you can enable access codes if needed. This feature will be explained in detail in another guide.

Step 7: Create the Product

Once all details are filled in and you are satisfied with the settings, click on Create. You will see a confirmation that your "Monthly Training" subscription has been successfully created.

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