Managing Coupon Effects on Recurring Stripe Payments

If a coupon is applied to a subscription it will continue to apply the discount to the subscription.

To remove a coupon from a subscription follow these steps

  1. Access Stripe Dashboard: Sign in to your Stripe account to find the subscription management section.

  2. Find the Subscription: Use the customer’s details to locate the correct subscription.

  3. Review Discounts: Under the subscription details, identify any active discounts or coupons.

  4. Remove One-Time Coupon: If the coupon should have only applied to the first payment, you can remove it by editing the subscription's details.

  5. Revert to Full Price: Adjust the billing details to ensure that the original amount is charged for future payments.

  6. Save and Notify: After saving your changes, notify the customer about the payment adjustment to maintain transparency.

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