Add a Product to a Form

How to Add Payment Steps to Forms in CoachIQ


Integrating payment options directly into forms is a powerful feature in CoachIQ that allows for seamless transactions during registrations for camps, clinics, or rentals. This guide will walk you through the process of adding a payment step to a form, enhancing the efficiency of your operations and providing a smooth experience for your users.

Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Payments to Forms

  1. Access Forms:

    • Navigate to the Forms section within CoachIQ where you manage your registration forms and other informational collectibles.

  2. Select a Form:

    • Open an existing form that you wish to enhance with a payment option. For this example, consider a form used for scheduling activities like pickup games.

  3. Enable Payment Integration:

    • Within the form editor, click on Connections.

    • Toggle on the Product option to activate payment settings for the form.

  4. Configure Payment Settings:

    • Once you enable product connections, a payment page will appear as part of your form.

    • Select the product you want to link to this form, such as a one-hour gym rental or a session fee.

    • By selecting a product, you ensure that the form cannot be completed without processing the linked payment.

  5. Attach Products to Forms:

    • Choose the specific product that correlates with the form's purpose. This might be a registration fee for a camp or a rental fee for facilities.

    • Confirm the product addition to the form, thereby coupling the form submission directly with the purchase.

Benefits of Adding Payments to Forms

  • Streamlined Transactions: Embedding payments into forms simplifies the process, ensuring that payments are made as part of the registration or booking process.

  • Enhanced User Experience: Users enjoy a seamless interaction, as they can fill out forms and make necessary payments in one go.

  • Efficient Management: Integrating payments with forms helps in managing registrations and payments simultaneously, reducing administrative overhead.

Best Practices for Form-Based Payments

  • Clear Instructions: Ensure that the form clearly indicates that a payment is required to complete the process. This transparency helps in managing user expectations.

  • Secure Payments: Always reassure users that their payment information is handled securely to build trust.

  • Test Before Launching: Always test the payment integration thoroughly to ensure that the form and payment process work seamlessly together before making it live.


By following these steps, you can effectively add a payment step to your forms in CoachIQ. This integration not only enhances the functionality of your forms but also provides a convenient and efficient way for your clients to register and pay for your services. Whether for camp registrations, clinic sign-ups, or equipment rentals, payment-enabled forms streamline the process, making it easier for both you and your clients.

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