Schedule Avaliability

Setting Scheduler Availability

Introduction Properly setting your availability within CoachIQ is crucial for managing scheduling efficiently and ensuring that your facilities or sessions are available at the right times for athletes and clients. This guide will walk you through the steps to set up and manage your scheduler availability.

Navigating to Scheduler Availability

Step 1: Access Scheduler Settings

  1. Open Settings: From your CoachIQ dashboard, navigate to the 'Settings' section.

  2. Select Scheduler Availability: Click on 'Scheduler Availability' to view and manage your scheduling preferences.

Setting Up Availability

Step 2: Create or Edit Availability

  1. Create New Scheduler: To add a new availability scheduler, click on the 'Create' button, then select 'Scheduler Availability'.

  2. Configure Details:

    • Name: Enter a descriptive name for the scheduler to easily identify it later (e.g., "Taylorville Gym Rental").

    • Time Zone: Set the appropriate time zone for the location of the session or facility.

Step 3: Define Available Times

  1. Set Times:

    • You can specify the times during which the facility or session will be available.

    • It’s possible to select multiple time slots within a single day to accommodate different scheduling needs.

  2. Set Specific Dates:

    • For dates when the facility or session should not be available (like public holidays or scheduled breaks), you can exclude these specific dates directly in the scheduler settings.

    • This feature is particularly useful for managing exceptions without needing to adjust the entire scheduling setup.

Step 4: Update and Save Changes

  1. Save Your Settings: After setting the times and dates, click on 'Update' to save your changes.

  2. Utilize Scheduler for Sessions:

    • When creating a session, you will now be able to select from your available schedulers, ensuring that your sessions are only booked during the times you’ve specified.

Conclusion Setting your availability in CoachIQ helps streamline the scheduling process, making it straightforward to manage when and where your services are available. By defining clear availability parameters, you can optimize your operations and ensure that your scheduling aligns with your business needs.

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