Create a Session

Creating a Session

To create and optimize your scheduling system for a sports coaching app, follow these steps. This guide is designed to help coaches efficiently manage their time and engage with athletes through the app.

Creating a New Session

  • Navigate to Services: Go to the 'Services' section of your app.

  • Select Sessions: Click on 'Sessions' to view the existing sessions.

  • Create New Session: Click the 'Create New Session' button.

Setting Up the Session

  • Fill Out Session Details: Use the provided index to enter all necessary details for your session.

  • Set Availability: Ensure you set your available times. You can specify multiple availabilities if needed.

Adding Session Information

  • Input Information: Fill out the session information, which guides you through to the final step. Use filler information for demonstration purposes if required.

  • Add Videos: To enhance the session description, add videos by clicking the specified button. These will appear under the 'Learn More' tab.

Customizing the Scheduler

  • Payment Options: Decide whether the session will be free or if it requires payment before scheduling. For paid sessions, set up payment options under the 'Payments' tab.

  • Location and Coaches: Specify the session location and select the coach connected to the session.

Finalizing the Session

  • Create the Session: Once all details are filled out and settings are adjusted, click 'Create' to finalize the session setup.

This guide helps streamline the scheduling process for coaches, making it easier to manage sessions and engage with athletes through the sports coaching app.

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