Overlapping other Sessions

Managing Session Overlaps in CoachIQ


In CoachIQ, session management is designed to prevent double bookings by default when the same coach is associated with multiple sessions. However, there may be scenarios where allowing double bookings is necessary. This guide explains how to manage session overlaps effectively within the CoachIQ platform.

Step-by-Step Guide to Allowing Session Overlaps

  1. Understanding Connected Sessions:

    • When sessions are created in CoachIQ, they are interconnected based on the coach assigned to them. If a coach, such as Russell Reeder, is linked to multiple sessions, booking one session will automatically block out the same time in all other sessions connected to this coach. This synchronization helps prevent scheduling conflicts and double bookings.

  2. Setting Up Sessions:

    • Navigate to the session creation or editing page where you manage the details of your coaching sessions.

    • Assign a coach to the session under the Connected Coaches section.

  3. Allowing Double Bookings:

    • In scenarios where you wish to permit overlapping bookings for a coach, locate the option Allow bookings to overlap other single sessions.

    • Enable this setting to allow a coach to be booked for multiple sessions simultaneously. This option modifies the default behavior of the scheduling system, which blocks out times to prevent double bookings.

Use Cases for Allowing Double Bookings

  • Group Sessions and One-on-Ones: If a coach handles both group sessions and individual sessions, you might want to allow overlaps so that individual sessions can be booked during broader group activities.

  • Multiple Roles or Locations: Coaches who operate in different roles or locations simultaneously might need the flexibility to appear available in more than one session agenda.

Best Practices for Managing Double Bookings

  • Clear Communication: Ensure that coaches and clients are aware of the possibility of double bookings. Clear communication helps manage expectations and avoid confusion.

  • Regular Updates: Keep your session calendars and coach assignments up to date to reflect any changes promptly.

  • Monitor Workloads: Regularly check the schedules of coaches who have overlapping bookings enabled to avoid overcommitment and ensure they can manage their workload effectively.


CoachIQ provides flexible tools to manage your coaching sessions, including the ability to control booking overlaps. By following these guidelines, you can tailor the session management to fit the specific needs of your business and coaching staff, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation. Whether you choose to prevent or allow double bookings, CoachIQ helps you maintain control over your scheduling and coach assignments.

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