Payment FAQ

For some reason, one of my new clients is still "locked out" of all the programs. How can I fix this?

This means the platform blocks a user from accessing a page within your athlete portal. First, you need to check if the customer payment went through in your Stripe dashboard. Sometimes a user's card will be declined, which the software will then lock the user out. Once a user payment is confirmed via Stripe, make sure your user has the package active that is paywalling your app page. So let's check if the customer has an active product.

Okay great we can see this customer has this product as active. If the user doesnt have a product that is active you need to add it to their profile and this will fix the issue.

Now we can double check our paywall settings and ensure the right packages are paywalling a page. The paywall needs to match my paywalling programs. To understand how to check your paywalling is set up properly visit our article on paywalling here - Paywalling Specific Pages

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