Add Product to a Session

How to Add a Payment Requirement to a Session


Adding a payment requirement to a session in CoachIQ ensures that clients must purchase a subscription or specific payment plan before they can schedule a session. This guide will walk you through the steps to effectively integrate a payment option into your session scheduling process.

Step-by-Step Guide to Linking Payments to Sessions

  1. Prepare Your Payment Option:

    • Start by navigating to the Payments tab in your CoachIQ dashboard.

    • Ensure that you have at least one payment product already created. For instance, you might have a product like "$29 a month" set up for clients.

  2. Creating or Modifying a Session:

    • Go to the Sessions tab to either create a new session or edit an existing one.

    • As you create or modify the session, fill out details such as the schedule and time for the session.

  3. Setting Up Payment Requirement:

    • When you reach the payment section of the session setup, select the payment option you wish to link to this session.

    • Choose the previously mentioned "$29 a month" payment or any other relevant payment product you have created.

  4. Enforcing the Payment Requirement:

    • By selecting a payment, you ensure that no client can book the session without first purchasing the required payment plan.

    • This setup effectively creates a paywall for the session, enhancing the exclusivity and value of your coaching services.

  5. Save and Review:

    • After linking the payment to the session, make sure to save the changes.

    • Review the session details to ensure that the payment requirement is clearly indicated and functioning as intended.

Best Practices for Session Paywalls

  • Clear Communication: Clearly communicate to clients that a payment is required before booking. This helps manage expectations and reduces confusion.

  • Value Justification: Ensure the session offers value that justifies the cost. High-quality, unique, or specialized sessions tend to warrant payment barriers more effectively.

  • Ease of Payment: Streamline the payment process to make it as easy as possible for clients to complete their purchase. Minimizing barriers to payment can lead to higher conversion rates.


By integrating payment requirements into your sessions, you not only secure your revenue streams but also enhance the perceived value of your coaching services. This approach ensures that only committed clients can access premium session offerings, optimizing both client commitment and business profitability. Follow these steps to ensure your sessions are monetized effectively and efficiently in CoachIQ.

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