Shortcut Keys

Mastering Shortcut Keys in CoachIQ's Video Analysis Tool

Efficient use of software often hinges on knowing and utilizing shortcut keys. For users of CoachIQ's video analysis tool, mastering these shortcuts can significantly streamline the video review and editing process. This article provides a comprehensive guide to the shortcut keys available in CoachIQ's video analysis tool, helping users enhance their workflow and save time.

Overview of Shortcut Keys

Shortcut keys allow users to perform actions quickly without navigating through menus. Below is a detailed list of the available shortcut keys within the CoachIQ video analysis tool, along with their corresponding actions.

1. Basic Video Controls:

  • Space Bar: Play and Pause Video - Toggle the play or pause state of the video.

  • D: Fast-Forward Video - Advances the video forward at a standard rate.

  • Back Arrow: Rewind Film 3 Seconds - Quickly rewinds the video by three seconds.

  • Forward Arrow: Fast-Forward Film 3 Seconds - Advances the video by three seconds.

2. Editing and Annotation Tools:

  • F: Annotation Tools - Activates the annotation mode for drawing or highlighting on the video.

  • T: Add Text - Enables text entry mode to annotate the video with descriptions or notes.

3. Advanced Playback Controls:

  • A: Rewind Slo-Mo Video - Rewinds the video in slow motion for detailed analysis.

  • G: Move & Enlarge Media File - Adjusts the position and size of the media file within the viewer.

  • Q: Pause Recording - Pauses any ongoing recording session, useful in live analysis settings.

4. Navigational Shortcuts:

  • W: Switch Slide Up - Navigates to the previous slide or video in a playlist.

  • S: Switch Slide Down - Navigates to the next slide or video in a playlist.

Benefits of Using Shortcut Keys

Efficiency: Shortcut keys reduce the time spent clicking through menus, making video analysis quicker and more efficient.

Focus: Minimizing disruptions by using keyboard shortcuts helps maintain focus on the analysis, leading to better insights and understanding.

Speed: Rapid navigation through video content allows for quicker reviews and adjustments, which is particularly beneficial in a coaching or training environment.

How to Practice Using Shortcuts

To get the most out of these shortcuts, it's recommended to practice using them in regular video analysis sessions. Over time, muscle memory will develop, and the use of these shortcuts will become second nature.


Understanding and utilizing the shortcut keys in CoachIQ's video analysis tool can transform the video analysis process, making it faster, more efficient, and more productive. Whether reviewing game footage, conducting player evaluations, or preparing presentations, these shortcuts are invaluable tools for all CoachIQ users.

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