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How to Paywall Individual Pages in Your Athlete Portal on CoachIQ


Setting up paywalls on specific pages of your athlete portal can be a strategic move to enhance revenue generation through subscription services or product purchases. This guide will explain how to restrict access to certain content such as sessions or programs until a purchase is made, ensuring that your premium content remains exclusive to paying clients.

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Paywalls

  1. Access the Athlete Portal Settings:

    • Navigate to your Coach's Dashboard on CoachIQ.

    • Click on Athlete Portal and select Edit. This will take you to the backend where you can manage all aspects of your athlete portal.

  2. Implementing the Paywall:

    • Scroll to the Settings section and locate the Paywall option.

    • Here you will see a list of pages you can set to be paywalled.

  3. Select Pages to Paywall:

    • Decide which pages you want to restrict. For example, if you want to paywall your programs, toggle the option to activate the paywall for that page.

    • Select the product that users must purchase to access the page. For instance, you might link a one-hour gym rental or a special training program as a prerequisite for access.

  4. Link Products to Pages:

    • Once you toggle the paywall on, select the specific product from your inventory that will unlock access to the paywalled page.

    • This links the page directly to a specific purchase, ensuring that only those who have bought the product can view the content.

  5. Update and Test the Changes:

    • After setting up the paywall, click Update to save your settings.

    • Return to your athlete portal and refresh the page to see the paywall in action.

    • Verify that the content is now locked and only accessible upon purchasing the linked product.

  6. Deactivating the Paywall (if needed):

    • To show the full functionality, you may choose to deactivate the paywall temporarily.

    • Toggle off the paywall setting, update the portal, and refresh the page to ensure that the programs or sessions are accessible again to all users.

Best Practices for Using Paywalls

  • Transparency: Clearly communicate to your users that certain content is premium and requires a purchase. This prevents confusion and enhances user satisfaction.

  • Strategic Content Selection: Choose wisely which content to paywall. High-value offerings such as exclusive training videos or specialized sessions are typically more suitable for paywalling.

  • Regular Monitoring: Keep an eye on the performance of paywalled content. Analyze user engagement and sales to adjust your strategy as needed.


Implementing paywalls in your CoachIQ athlete portal is an effective way to monetize your content and services. By following these steps, you can ensure that premium content is reserved for paying clients, thereby increasing your revenue potential while maintaining a clear and fair access system for users. Whether for session bookings or program access, paywalls can help you manage and grow your coaching business more effectively.

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