Client Communication Overview

Help Documentation: Communication Methods

Introduction CoachIQ provides a variety of communication methods to ensure coaches can effectively connect with their athletes and their parents. Here’s an overview of the different channels available within CoachIQ for sending messages and updates.

Navigating to Communication Channels To access the various communication methods in CoachIQ:

  • Go to the Inbox section on your dashboard.

  • Here, you will find the different channels through which you can communicate with your athletes.

Communication Channels Overview

  1. Announcements

    • Purpose: Function like a bulletin board or a mass email to convey messages to all athletes simultaneously.

    • Visibility: These are prominently displayed in the athlete portal under the ‘Announcements’ channel.

    • Use Case: Ideal for general updates, important notices, or event reminders.

  2. In-App Messages

    • Purpose: Provide a direct way to communicate with athletes or parents within the native app or the athlete portal.

    • Notifications:

      • If accessed via desktop, users will see notifications on the message board.

      • Mobile app users receive messages directly on their devices.

    • Important Note: Users must have a profile on the athlete portal or the mobile app installed to receive in-app messages.

    • Use Case: Suitable for personalized communication or immediate updates.

  3. SMS

    • Purpose: Allows for direct text messaging communication with clients.

    • Setup: Coaches can obtain a dedicated phone number through CoachIQ to send and manage texts.

    • Use Case: Effective for urgent communications or for reaching out to those who may not regularly check the app or portal.

Conclusion These communication methods are designed to cater to different needs and preferences, ensuring that all athletes and their parents stay informed and engaged. By leveraging these varied channels, you can enhance your interaction with your clients and ensure your messages are received promptly and effectively.

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