Texting Limits

SMS Service Limits Explained

Our SMS service provides you with two types of messaging options to cater to your needs while ensuring cost-effectiveness. Here's a breakdown of what you can do within our service limits:

Mass Messages

Ideal for sending notifications or updates to multiple recipients at once.

  • Who it's for: When you need to send a message to more than one person at a time.

  • Limits: Keep your message short and sweet, up to 155 characters. This type of message is perfect when you have a single piece of information to share with everyone, without the need for tags, roles, or conditions to customize it for different groups or individuals.

1 to 1 Messages

Perfect for more detailed, personalized communication with your customers or team members.

  • Who it's for: When you're messaging an individual and might need more space to write.

  • Limits: Feel free to write more extensively, with up to 1400 characters. These messages can be a bit more complex, allowing for up to 8 different segments (parts) in your message. This is great for detailed instructions, long updates, or personalized information.

A Note on Emojis 🚫

To maintain these limits and ensure our service remains cost-effective for everyone, we ask that you do not use emojis in either type of message.

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