Client Management Overview

Steps to Manage Client Data:

  1. Access the People Tab:

    • Open the CoachIQ mobile app or web platform.

    • Navigate to the "People" tab, where you will find a list of everyone who has interacted with your organization, such as signing up or filling out forms.

  2. View Client Profiles:

    • Click on a client’s name to access their individual profile. Here, you can review various types of engagement and interactions:

      • Forms: Check if the client has completed any forms.

      • Products: Look for any products they have ordered.

      • Programs: Verify if they have viewed any programs.

      • Sessions: See if they have signed up for any coaching sessions.

      • Videos: Check if they have uploaded any videos.

  3. Monitor Subscriptions and Payments:

    • Within the client profile, you can see if the client is currently subscribed to any of your services and their payment status.

    • You can add new subscriptions or manage existing payments directly from this view.

  4. Customize Client Profiles:

    • Add custom fields to store additional data relevant to each athlete. This could include performance metrics, personal notes, or other important information.

    • To add a field, select "Add Field" in the athlete profile and enter the necessary data.

  5. Communicate and Organize:

    • Send messages directly to clients from their profile to maintain clear and consistent communication.

    • Use tags to categorize athletes for better organization or targeted communication. This can be especially useful for grouping clients by program type, activity level, or other criteria.

Additional Tips:

  • Regular Updates: Regularly update client data to keep track of their progress and changes in their status.

  • Data Privacy: Ensure all client data is handled with confidentiality and compliance with privacy laws.

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