Understanding Groups

Managing Multiple Apps with Groups

Introduction For coaches managing diverse training programs or separate groups of athletes, CoachIQ offers a robust solution through the use of "Groups." This feature allows you to operate multiple apps under one account, each tailored to specific training needs or athlete cohorts.

Accessing and Managing Groups

Step 1: Navigate to Settings

  1. Open Settings: Start by accessing the main dashboard of your CoachIQ platform. Locate and click on the 'Settings' option.

  2. Select Groups: Within the settings menu, find and click on the 'Groups' option.

Understanding Groups

  • Single vs. Multiple Groups: Initially, you may see only one group listed if you haven’t created additional ones yet. Each group represents a separate app environment tailored to different segments of your coaching business.

Step 2: Managing Multiple Groups

  1. Add New Group: If you need to manage another group, such as for a different team or for private training sessions separate from team training, this feature allows you to create and customize another app.

    • Example Use Case: A coach might have one app for an AAU basketball team and another for private one-on-one training sessions.

  2. Customization and Separation: Each group/app can be customized with its own users, data, and programs, ensuring that each segment of your business is kept distinct and organized according to its specific needs.

Requesting Additional Groups

  • Contact Support: If you find that you need to add another group, CoachIQ support is available to assist you. Reach out via the contact options in the platform to request the addition of a new group.

Conclusion Utilizing groups within CoachIQ allows for efficient management of different coaching scenarios under one platform. Whether it's team coaching, private training, or managing multiple teams, groups can help you keep your programs organized and tailored to each specific need. For further assistance or to expand your group settings, please do not hesitate to contact CoachIQ support.

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