Adding & Managing Tags

How to Efficiently Tag and Sort Media Clips

Effective tagging of media clips can significantly streamline the management and retrieval of video content. In this article, we’ll explore the process of creating, managing, and using tags and sub-tags to organize media files, using detailed steps and examples.

Understanding the Importance of Tags

Tags are essential for categorizing media content, making it easier to sort and locate specific clips. Whether you’re managing a large database or a small collection, proper tagging can save time and enhance accessibility.

Viewing Tags

Identifying Untagged Media:

  • Navigate to your profile or media collection. For example, on the TwoMinuteTennis profile, you might notice several videos labeled as “no tag.”

  • By viewing these untagged videos, you can easily identify which clips need categorization.

Filtering by Tags:

  • Clicking on a specific tag, such as “serve,” filters and displays only the videos associated with that tag. This function is crucial for quickly accessing relevant content.

How to Add Tags to Videos

1. Create a Tag:

  • To create a tag, simply enter the desired tag name, such as “backhand” for tennis videos.

  • Once created, the tag will appear in your tag list.

2. Assign Tags to Videos:

  • Assign the newly created tag to the appropriate video by selecting the video and then the tag.

  • It’s possible to tag a video with multiple tags for more nuanced categorization.

Adding Sub-Tags

1. Create a Sub-Tag:

  • Sub-tags allow for more detailed categorization under a broader tag.

  • To create a sub-tag, select a primary tag as its parent, then assign the sub-tag a name.

2. Usage Example:

  • A video tagged with “intro serve” might be categorized under both “intro” and “serve,” demonstrating how tags and sub-tags can be layered for detailed sorting.

Managing Tags

Removing and Re-Adding Tags:

  • Tags can be easily removed or added back to videos as needed, offering flexibility in how content is categorized.

Adding & Removing Individual Tags

Tagging Multiple Tags At Once

How To Delete Tags

Step-by-Step Guide to Deleting Tags

  1. Navigate to the Media Hub:

    • Open the CoachIQ dashboard and click on the 'Media' tab. This section houses all your uploaded media files including videos, images, and documents.

  2. Access Tagged Media:

    • In the 'Media' section, you can view all tags under the 'All tags' list. Here you can see both tagged and untagged media files.

  3. Locate the Tag to Delete:

    • Find the media file with the tag you wish to remove. The tags are visible directly below each media thumbnail.

  4. Delete a Tag:

    • To delete a tag, simply hover over the tag name displayed under a media file. A delete button (usually represented by an 'x' or a trash can icon) will appear.

    • Click on this button to remove the tag from the media file.

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