Media Overview

Media is a single location for you to store, manage and tag all your coaching content.


Introduction to the Media Center

The Media Center on CoachIQ serves as your comprehensive digital storage solution, replacing the need for external storage platforms like Google Drive or Dropbox. This guide will explain how to access and maximize the use of the Media Center in your coaching business.

Accessing the Media Center

Upon logging into your CoachIQ profile, locate the Media Center option at the top right corner of your dashboard. This is your central hub for all digital media.

Features of the Media Center

  1. Uploading Media: You can upload photos, videos, and any other coaching materials. This is ideal for storing drills and other coaching resources.

  2. Organizing Media: Utilize our robust tagging system to organize your files. You can tag and sort through your clips effortlessly, making it easy to find what you need, when you need it.

  3. Editing Media: The Media Center allows you to edit multiple clips simultaneously. Simply select the clips and use the editing tools provided.

  4. Multi-Functional Use: The media stored here can be seamlessly integrated throughout the CoachIQ platform:

    • Inbox Integration: Send clips directly to athletes from your inbox.

    • Program Creation: Utilize media in creating comprehensive programs for athletes and their parents.

Why Use the Media Center?

The Media Center is designed to be the foundation of your application experience on CoachIQ. It simplifies the management and use of media files, enhancing your coaching capabilities and interaction with athletes and parents.

Getting Started

To begin using the Media Center:

  • Log In: Access your CoachIQ account.

  • Upload Media: Start by uploading any relevant files you wish to use or store.

  • Tag and Organize: Apply tags to categorize your media, making future retrieval straightforward.


The Media Center is an essential tool that centralizes your coaching materials, making it easier to manage and utilize your resources effectively. If you encounter any issues or have questions about using the Media Center, feel free to reach out for support. Enjoy the streamlined process of managing your coaching media with CoachIQ!

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