Creating Lessons

Lessons allow you to create interactive learning experiences for your athletes.

How to Create and Use Lessons

Overview: Lessons in CoachIQ are interactive coaching modules that can be integrated into your programs to enhance the learning experience for athletes. This document guides you through the process of creating and utilizing lessons effectively within CoachIQ.

Finding and Creating Lessons

  1. Access Lessons: Navigate to the 'Media' tab in your CoachIQ dashboard. Here you'll find the 'Lessons' section.

  2. Create a Lesson: Click on 'Create Lesson' under the 'Lessons' tab to start building a new lesson.

Example of a Well-Crafted Lesson

  • Example Lesson: "Eyes in Man Coverage" by Team Island is an exemplary lesson that utilizes CoachIQ's interactive tools.

  • Interactive Tools: The tools include functionalities similar to Instagram stories, allowing for a slide-by-slide microlearning experience. These can be explored in detail in our dedicated tutorial video.

Building and Integrating Lessons into Programs

  1. Program Integration: Lessons can be integrated at any point within a program you are developing for your athletes.

  2. Add a Lesson to a Program:

    • Navigate to the program you're building.

    • Drag and drop the desired lesson into the program timeline.

    • Select the specific lesson to include.

  3. Preview the Lesson: Once a lesson is added to a program, you can preview it directly in the program interface to ensure it fits seamlessly into the learning pathway.

Lesson Features



Add video or photos to the slide


Add text to the slide


Enable users to upload media files


Attach web-links to slides


Create multi-choice quizzes on slides


Collect form responses from your users

  • Interactive Experience: Lessons are designed to be interactive, much like Instagram stories, providing athletes with a seamless experience to tap through coaching slides and videos.

  • Data Capture: Engage athletes by incorporating features that allow them to upload videos, input responses, and more, turning the learning process into an interactive dialogue.


Lessons in CoachIQ are designed to create a more engaging and interactive learning experience, mirroring popular social media functionalities but tailored for athletic coaching. This dynamic tool allows you to customize learning paths within your programs and capture valuable input from athletes, enhancing both coaching and learning outcomes.

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