Sharing Media as Links

Sharing media files quickly and efficiently can greatly enhance communication and collaboration, especially in environments where timely information dissemination is crucial. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of sharing a media file via a link from the Media Hub. This method ensures that the file can be accessed easily by anyone, even if they are not logged into the platform.

Step-by-Step Guide to Sharing a Media File

1. Navigate to the Media Hub:

  • Begin by accessing the Media Hub. This is your central repository for all media files, including videos, images, and documents.

2. Select the Media File:

  • Browse through your media library or use the search function to quickly locate the specific video or media file you wish to share.

3. Copy the Link:

  • Click on the video or media file you've chosen. This will open the file’s options.

  • Look for the ‘Copy Link’ button and click on it. This action copies the direct link of the media file to your clipboard.

4. Share Your Copied Link:

  • The media file link is now stored on your clipboard. You can paste this link into any communication channel—be it email, messaging apps, or social media platforms—to share it with others.

  • The link allows for direct access to the media file without the necessity for the recipient to log in, making it a convenient option for quick sharing.

Advantages of Sharing Media via Link

  • Ease of Access: Recipients can view the media directly through the link without logging in or navigating through multiple steps.

  • Speed: This method is quick and efficient, reducing the time from selection to sharing to just a few seconds.

  • Control: You maintain control over what is shared, ensuring only the selected files are accessible via the provided links.


Sharing a media file via a link from the Media Hub is a straightforward and effective way to distribute content swiftly to a broad audience. This method leverages the convenience of direct links, making it ideal for situations where ease of access and speed are paramount. Whether you're sharing training materials, promotional content, or important updates, the process outlined above will help you achieve your goals efficiently.

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