Uploading Media

Uploading Video Content to the Media Center on CoachIQ

Welcome to our guide on how to enrich your coaching experience by uploading video content to the Media Center on CoachIQ. This powerful tool allows coaches like you to store, manage, and share multimedia resources, similar to services like Google Drive or Dropbox. Follow the steps below to seamlessly upload videos and other media files, ensuring your athletes have access to the best possible training material.

Step-by-Step Guide to Uploading Media

1. Access the Media Center:

  • Log into your CoachIQ account.

  • Navigate to the Media Center from your dashboard. This can usually be found in the sidebar or through a direct link on the homepage.

2. Initiating the Upload Process:

  • Once in the Media Center, look for an "Upload" button or icon. This is often represented by an upward arrow or the word "Upload".

  • Click on this button to begin the process of adding new files to your media library.

3. Selecting Your Files:

  • A file browser will open, allowing you to navigate through your computer's folders.

  • Select the video files you wish to upload. Remember, CoachIQ accepts all file types except for PDF and ZIP files.

  • If you have multiple files to upload, you can select them simultaneously for convenience.

4. Uploading Your Files:

  • After selecting your files, confirm your choice or click the "Open" button in your file browser to start the upload.

  • A progress bar may appear, showing the upload status of each file. Wait until all files have been successfully uploaded.

5. Completing the Process:

  • Once the upload is complete, your files will be immediately available in the Media Center.

  • You can now organize, share, or embed these files in your coaching materials as needed.

Converting PDFs to Acceptable Formats

If you have valuable content in PDF format that you wish to upload, you'll need to convert these files into a compatible format (e.g., JPG, PNG for images, or MP4 for videos). Here’s a quick tip:

  • Using Online Conversion Tools: Websites like Zamzar, CloudConvert, or Online2PDF offer free services to convert PDF files into various formats. Simply upload your PDF, choose your desired output format, and download the converted file.

Downloading Videos from Social Platforms

Instagram, Vimeo, and YouTube all allow you to download your own content directly, though the methods vary by platform. Generally, you can:

  • Instagram: Use the "Download Data" feature in your account settings to request a download of your content, including videos.

  • Vimeo: In the video's settings, navigate to the "Download" tab, where you can find options to download your video in various resolutions.

  • YouTube: Use YouTube Studio to select the video you wish to download, then click on the "Download" option. Note that this feature may have limitations on quality and frequency.

Important Notes

  • ZIP Files: Please note that CoachIQ does not support uploading ZIP files. If your media is compressed in a ZIP file, extract the files on your computer before uploading them individually or in multiple selections.

  • Multi-File Upload: CoachIQ supports uploading multiple files simultaneously. Take advantage of this feature to save time when uploading several pieces of content.

Downloading Hudl Clips

Watch the following video to download hudl clips into CoachIQ


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