Programs Overview

Programs are what you create and share with your users and are made up of coaching media and lessons.

Program Overview

Welcome to the CoachIQ Virtual Program Creation guide. This document is designed to help you understand the structure of virtual programs within our platform and how you can leverage these components to create a dynamic and engaging learning experience for your athletes.

Understanding the Structure

At the core of our virtual program offering is a structured yet flexible system designed to cater to various learning needs and styles. Here’s a breakdown of the structure:

  1. Program:

    • Description: The highest asset in our hierarchy, a Program encompasses all content related to a specific training or learning goal.

    • Contains: Lessons and Individual Media Files.

  2. Lessons:

    • Description: Lessons are comprehensive units within a Program, designed to cover specific topics or skills.

    • Contains: A collection of Media Files, Quizzes, and Slides to facilitate learning.

  3. Individual Media Files:

    • Description: Standalone pieces of content that can be directly incorporated into a Program or used within Lessons.

    • Examples: Videos, Audio files, Images.

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