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How to Add Payments to Forms

Adding payments to forms is a great way to collect data and money simultaneously. This is useful for various scenarios like camps and clinics, selling accessories, job applications, and introductory sessions. Let's explore how to add payments to a form.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Open the Form: Start by opening the form to which you want to add a payment.

  2. Navigate to Connections:

    • Go to the Connections tab located on the top menu.

  3. Add Product:

    • Under Connections, find the option to Add Product and toggle it on.

    • Click the Add Products button that appears.

  4. Select Products:

    • Choose the products you wish to add. You can add multiple products or just one.

    • In this example, we will add one product.

Once you have added the product, the payment is now attached to the form. When an athlete or user fills out this form, they will encounter a paywall before completing it.

Additional Features

Show Connected Purchases

  • Toggle On: You can toggle on the Only Show Connected Purchases option.

  • Purpose: This feature is useful if you want to track who made a purchase directly from the form.

    • When a purchase occurs, it will appear in your orders.

    • However, if a user paid for the package elsewhere, toggling this option helps keep your data clean by indicating whether the purchase was made directly through the form.

By enabling Only Show Connected Purchases, your responses will clearly show if the purchase was made from within the form.

This guide ensures you can efficiently add payments to your forms, enabling seamless data and payment collection for various use cases.

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