Forms for Camps / Clinics

Creating a Camp or Clinic Form in CoachIQ

A great way to build and add camps and clinics in CoachIQ is to use forms. This guide will walk you through the process step by step.

1. Access the Forms Section

  1. Log in to your CoachIQ admin profile.

  2. Navigate to the Forms section.

2. Create a New Form

  1. In the Forms section, click on Create.

  2. You can choose from existing camp form templates or start from scratch. For this example, we'll use a template.

3. Customize the Form

  1. Add Basic Information Fields:

    • Toggle on fields such as first name, last name, and phone number. This will add these entries to your people section.

  2. Add Camp-Specific Information:

    • Add fields to collect the necessary data for the camp or clinic. Keep it simple and clean.

  3. Add Legal Terms and Conditions:

    • Include your terms and conditions. If you have existing waivers and agreements that have already been agreed to, you can delete this section by clicking on Delete.

4. Add Payment Options

  1. Toggle on Connections and then Products.

  2. Click on Add Product and select the product associated with your camp or clinic. For example, you might choose "June 15 Camp for $50".

  3. This setup will prompt users to purchase their camp ticket after completing the form.

5. Manage Responses

  1. In the Responses tab, you can see all the form responses.

  2. Toggle on Only Show Connected to organize and differentiate between who filled out the form and who purchased a ticket.

  3. Export responses to an Excel sheet if needed.

6. Share Your Form

  1. You can attach the form to your website, similar to how the example coach has set it up under "Camps and Clinics".

  2. Alternatively, copy the form link to send out as an announcement or email.

  3. You can also embed the form into your website directly.

Example Use Case

If you're a user on a coach's website, you would:

  1. Click on "Register for a Camp".

  2. Complete the camp form with the required information.

  3. Proceed to payment for the camp.

This process ensures that all necessary information is collected and payments are processed seamlessly. It also helps in organizing and managing camp participants efficiently.


By following these steps, you can create a successful form for camps and clinics in CoachIQ, making the registration and management process smooth for both coaches and participants.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further assistance. Happy coaching!

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