Registration Form

Creating a Registration or Liability Form in CoachIQ

To create a registration form or liability form in CoachIQ, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Forms

  • Go to the Forms section in your CoachIQ dashboard.

  • Click on a form to begin editing.

  • Select the General tab within the form editor.

  • Choose Description of Terms from the available fields.

  • Insert your legal document into the Description of Terms field.

  • Provide a clear consent statement such as, "I consent to the waiver above."


  • Media Content Release Form: "I consent to the media waiver form."

  • General Registration Agreement and Liability Form: Include the necessary legal text and a consent statement.

4. User Agreement

  • Ensure that the terms are clearly stated in the form.

  • The user must agree to the waiver as part of the form submission process.

  • This ensures you have a record of all contacts agreeing to the waiver.

5. Update and Share

  • Update the form with any additional information or fields as necessary.

  • Share the form or embed it on your website to collect user agreements.

By following these steps, you'll create a comprehensive registration or liability form that includes necessary legal agreements and user consents, ensuring compliance and record-keeping for your coaching business.

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