Header & Footer Section

How to Update Headers and Footers

Here's a help doc for CoachIQ on how to update headers and footers using the website builder:

Editing the Header and Navigation Section

  1. Adding Your Logo:

    • Click on the header section

    • Upload a logo image from your computer or select one from your media gallery

  2. Managing Links:

    • The home link cannot be deleted

    • Change link text by clicking on it

    • Link options:

      • Remove link

      • Scroll to a page section

      • Scroll to a form

      • Direct to a URL

      • Direct to CoachIQ login

  3. Adding Links:

    • Click "Add Link"

    • Enter the link text (e.g. "Shop")

    • Set destination (page section, form, URL, or CoachIQ login)

  4. Managing Buttons:

    • Toggle buttons on/off

    • Change button text

    • Set destination (page section, form, URL, or CoachIQ login)

  5. Changing Colors:

    • Select color options for the header

  1. Logo and Description:

    • Add/update logo

    • Add a business description

  2. Contact Info:

    • Add/remove phone number

    • Add/remove address (clicking opens Google Maps)

  3. Resources Section:

    • Change section name (e.g. "Navigation")

    • Add/remove links to page sections, forms, URLs, CoachIQ login

    • Remove entire section by removing all links

  4. Social Media Links:

    • Add URLs for social accounts

    • Toggle icons on/off

  5. Saving Changes:

    • Click "Publish" to save all changes

Follow these steps to easily customize the header, navigation menu, and footer across your CoachIQ website.

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